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Angele P.

“Maria is very professional and has a great listening ear. The visualization exercises and techniques she used helped me explore some areas I couldn’t clearly envision before, and really helped me shift the focus on my sleep rather than the thoughts keeping me from drowsing off in the evenings. Highly recommend Maria for her kindness, good heart and persistence at trying to tackle life’s problems whatever they may be."

James M.

"Maria is a gifted life coach, who approaches each scenario with great understanding and respect. She encouraged me to see for myself the things in my life that were no longer serving me and also guided me to find my own solutions that I was comfortable with, yet resulted in the desired outcome. She is patient and extremely supportive and her work has had an immeasurable impact on my life so far."

Natalie D.

I had four coaching sessions with Maria. It was my first experience being coached and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.
I came to Maria while in the middle of a career move. Maria's coaching style is personable, empathetic and gentle. She was able to stir me in the right direction and help me to see where my blockages were. She employed various techniques such as a guided meditation which I got to keep to use as often as I needed.
I highly recommend Maria's services if you feel at a crossroad in your life.

Sara B.

I had a wonderful experience with Maria and I have immense respect for how much she cared about helping me using her skills.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and even though I know there’s still a long way to go I now have more confidence on my capacities: a weight has been  lifted!"

Monica D.

"Maria was really patient and has a positive and calm energy that helped me through the entire process (as it was my first time doing anything like this)
I feel my time with her helped me understand myself a little bit better and I would definitely recommend her, as she will happily listen and guide you through an amazing journey toward happiness and self improvement."

Tom A.

“I’ve really enjoyed my sessions with Maria. She’s very good at making me feel comfortable and able to talk about whatever’s on my mind, and always comes across as non-judgmental and a good listener. She was able to quickly understand the areas of my life that I wanted to address, and tailored our sessions to best work on them. The meditation session was excellent, she was able to get the recording to me in very good time and I’ve found it very beneficial.
Highly recommended! 

Adriana P.

"I joined Maria’s weight loss group as I was interested and curious about this program. 

Each session was unique and left me a sense of calmness and willing to go forward with it. I recommend her If you are looking for a professional and a warming enviroment to help you remove those obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals!"

Lucie M.

"I saw Maria as I had issues stemming from my childhood and around money blocks. In our first session she just really listened to me and my story and made me feel heard. The next 3 sessions she used hypnosis. It was amazing. Under hypnosis I still felt completely in control and safe, but Maria was able to take me right back to when I was a baby, using age regression therapy, where we believe my limiting beliefs started. I met myself at 2 years old.. I got to hold her and speak with her and tell her everything will be fine and not to be scared. It's was very emotional but necessary. Since then, I feel a total shift in myself. I feel at peace having soothed my younger self and also recognising that everything was in fact working out like I promised her. But one thing that stood out to me was when she told me that I get to choose my identity, no one else.  That was freeing to me as a people pleaser. I can finally love myself just as I am without thinking I'm not good enough. I couldn't have stepped over that belief without Maria's help. Thank you for your wisdom and kindness. Look forward to working with you again."

Adam A.

“Maria has helped me with my anxiety. With very practical advice, exercises and even hypnosis now I feel more confident and optimistic about my life and my future. I've found her sessions very helpful and now my pockets are full of strong advice and techniques that I use everyday. I highly recommend Maria”
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